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Lesser Known Facts About Propecia

Loss of hair is common to both men and women worldwide, although women experience the problem lesser compared to males. Androgens hormones such as androsteinedione, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone are believed to trigger hair fall in men. These are all male hormones, but found in small volumes in women. As the primary cause of hair fall is sometimes believed to be common for both men and women, female hair fall is likened to androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness by some experts. For the treatment of androgenic alopecia, Propecia is one of the most trusted medicines around. But this drug is not recommended for women, particularly those who are pregnant or expecting.

Propecia finasteride and hormones
Finasteride works by preventing an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase type II from converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. This hormone damages hair follicles in the scalp, which blocks hair growth and causes baldness. Propecia finasteride is a clinical breakthrough in treating male hair loss. It is available only on prescription. With regular treatment, you can also regrow hair and improve your body image. It is reported that the drug can stimulate hair regrowth in just 3 months. But some men may have to take the pill for up to a year to notice its effect on their thinning hairline.

Finasteride is not for women
Medical researches have unearthed that hair fall in women is caused mainly by an enzyme known as aromatase. Finasteride does does not have any effect on this enzyme. This is why Propecia is only prescribed to treat male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. It is not recommended for women who suffer from pattern baldness on the vertex or near the forehead. If you are pregnant, you should take extra precaution in handling Propecia pills. Usually the pills are coated for the safety of the people who handle them. But in case the coating is crushed, pregnant women are advised not to handle the pill.

Disadvantages of Propecia
There is no doubt that you can treat male hair loss with Propecia better than any other available prescription drugs. But still the effectiveness of this medicine is only limited to androgenic hormones such as dihydrotestosterone, testosterone and androsteinedione. This medicine can decrease a man’s sex drive and can even harm male fertility.

In case a man has low sperm counts, the Propecia treatment can further decrease the number of sperms and affect his reproductive capacities. Merck, the manufacturer of Propecia, has issued a warning that men using this medicine may experience a low volume of semen. But experts have also suggested that stopping the use of finasteride after 6 months of hair loss treatment can increase sperm counts significantly. Even though this is a good news, doubts still linger heavily over the medicine’s potential harmful impacts on man’s reproductive health.

If mishandled by pregnant women, finasteride can cause serious harm to newborns.

But in the end, the benefits of Propecia finasteride outweigh the risk factors. But it is advisable that you should talk to your doctor before using this popular hair loss medicine.
Source: Lesser Known Facts About Propecia

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  • Are you one of those frustrated couples who are trying for a pregnancy but failing every time? No need to worry at all, in the era of Internet, there are many ways that helps you identify the exact problem that delays your pregnancy or stops you from becoming pregnant.

    You must understand that identifying woman’s ovulation period is the foremost step in the process of your pregnancy. During ovulation period there are very few high fertile days. If you want your pregnancy desire to be successful then identifying these few high fertile days is very important.

    To identify ovulation period and high fertile days, you can make use of fertility monitors. Fertility monitors are nothing but a computerized device used for identifying exact ovulation period of a woman. These fertility monitors can examine urine, saliva or vaginal fluids of a woman and identifies hormone levels, basal body temperature and electrical resistance etc.

    The best thing about these fertility monitors are that they can pin point the exact time of a woman’s ovulation time. There are many high accuracy fertility monitors are available in the market, one of the widely used fertility monitor is Lady Comp – a high accuracy fertility monitor that provides a reliable 99.3% accuracy. Lady Comp is very safe and accurate and can be used without any other medication.

    This same accurate fertility monitor is called as Baby Comp in Europe.

    Frustrated couples must make use of these high accuracy fertility monitors to identify lady’s exact ovulation time and take other necessary steps to be successful in their pregnancy desire.

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  • Many drug dependent people try to quit drug addiction on their own and in most cases they fail miserably. Sometimes these attempts lead to serious consequences if the person is addicted to longterm substance abuse. It is highly recommended that people who are drug addicts must avail the services of any drug rehab center. Many drug rehab centers provide good drug rehab programs and the possibility of quiting drug abuse is high than the self methods. Now a days, drug rehab centers are available almost in every city.

    While looking for a potential drug rehab center, you must research and evaluate them by answering few questions yourself, like what’s their credentials, available drug rehab programs and how they are different from other centers, etc.

    The most recommended drug rehab center in Florida is Unity Recovery Center Inc, they provide personalized drug rehab and alcohol treatment services at an affordable price. They have programs on drug rehab, alcohol rehab, intensive outpatient program, medical detox, men’s and women’s rehab, and prescription drug rehab etc. They identify the needs of each individual and offer client specific approach during rehab programs which makes them different from other rehab centers. You can contact them by their toll free 24 hour helpline number or through their quick contact form available at their website You can also get information about admissions and facilities on their website.

    The best thing about Unity rehab center is that their programs promote a proven, traditional and successful 12 step drug treatment center model, and have masters level professionals to deliver drug rehab treatment programs.

    Let it be any drug rehab program, the important thing should be customizing each patient’s drug rehab program to their individual needs. So, when you choosing rehab programs to cure yourself or your loved ones, learn more about rehab centers and their specialty that addresses the specific needs for you or your loved one.

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  • Hair loss is amongst the most common problems faced by people right from the age 18 to 60 years and above. It is referred to a condition wherein the hair start thinning and eventually leads to baldness observed in both genders. It is evident from recent studies that around 40% of men experience hair loss near the age of 35 while women experience this by the age of 65. Today, hair loss has become a stress factor for many, giving them sleepless nights and restless days. If you are amongst them, it is important to choose the best hair loss treatments from the available options but before that you need to understand what causes this condition.

    What causes hair loss?

    The major reasons behind hair loss pertain to the genes, the hormones and age. It is also known to be caused by a deficit of vitamins A, B complex, C and D or an inadequacy of vital minerals such as iron, iodine and protein. The unawareness of this condition is so alarming that around 75% of men believe that hair loss cannot be prevented or treated without surgery. Contradictory to this popular belief, there are many effective and proven hair loss treatments available on the market.

    Treatment for hair loss in men

    For men, Provillus Men’s Formula is the most popular option. It is a natural blend of vital vitamins that promote healthy hair growth by blocking the excess production of testosterone. As it is a natural formula, there are no prolonged side effects but a mild stomach discomfort might be felt.

    Treatment for hair loss in women

    For women, Provillus Women’s Formula is a preferred product worldwide. It is a dietary supplement that is made of a combination of botanical extracts, vital vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, biotin and zinc. When taken, these capsules nourish your scalp by providing essential nutrients. This gives a nutrient boost to the tiny follicles beneath your scalp surface, stimulating growth of new hair and blocks testosterone. Pregnant or nursing women should consult their physician before taking Provillus capsules.

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  • Body Wraps for Weight Loss

    Body wraps are being used for weight loss treatments at spas since very long time and continue to be the top sellers at most of the well-known, famous health spas around the world. These body wraps can be used at your home without losing your privacy and your home ambiance.

    Since last few decades, body wraps for weight loss methods are in practiced in weight loss focused spas around th world and the result has been quite impressive. Many users of these body wraps acknowledge it’s effect in weight loss treatment.

    A type of body wraps called seaweed body wraps are used in skin care treatment methods. Seaweed body wraps help you detoxify your body and keep the tone and vitality of your skin. It helps the skin absorb the essential minerals which helps disperse the fatty deposits.

    Body wraps are extremely useful if used with proper herbal ingredients, the home body wrap kits are also very useful as they are very easy to use at your home without spending much money and time at spas.

    If you are looking to reduce weight fast and looking for a simple method which can be used at your home then, home body wrap kits is the way to go. You don’t need to worry about it’s effectiveness as body wraps are being used for weight loss treatment since many decades in many spas around the world.

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  • Best way to build muscles fast

    The aim of all fitness workout is to build muscles quickly and the best way to get the full benefit of these programs is to follow these muscle building programs with “I can do it” kind of mindset, because at first all these fitness programs look very tough to follow. But the reality is something else. These fast muscle building fitness programs look very hard at first but if you get hang of them, they are very easy to follow and you will build muscle as you desired.

    The common mistake people who are wondering how to build muscles make while trying to build muscle is to blindly following a popular pro bodybuilders. When you follow the pro bodybuilders, you will never achieve the kind of muscle those body builders have because these popular bodybuilders have never trained naturally or they are gifted genetically. They are somewhat gifted.

    You must select the fitness program which is suitable for you body type and what your body can take and the fitness program which will not affect your overall health. Any common man who is trying to acheive building muscles fast should get his body analyzed by a professional trainer and follow a fitness program and body building supplements suggested by him.

    Any fitness program will follow only two things to gain muscle fast is that somehow burn the extra fat and feed the muscles. This is common in any kind of fitness program the only difference between each muscle building programs is that they are made for different kind of body types. So, one must choose wisely and suggested by a professional trainer.

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  • Like you, many people struggle with itchy, flaky scalp and scalp odor. Scalp odor is caused by apocrine glands which release fatty sweat it human body where there are more hair. This is caused generally by the amount of stress you have, if you are under too much of stress then the apocrine glands will release more fatty sweat which helps bacterial infection on your scalp skin. This bacterial infection creates smelly hair and odor on your scalp.

    Flaky scalp is caused generally by allergic to chemicals used in your shampoo. Many people do not understand that the flaky scalp is caused mainly by the chemicals used in dandruff and other shampoos that we use daily. Many of these shampoos contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Propylene Glycol and Silicone. These chemicals provide artificial shine to hair but can be very harmful to your scalp skin. If your skin is allergic to these chemicals, then you get flaky scalp.

    There are very good products available in the market to treat scalp odor and flaky scalp. The main ingredients to help you cure scalp odor is special of Zinc and some purifying Herbs. These products can help you re-balance your scalp and hair.

    Many natural herbal treatments are also available. Massage with Jojoba oil on your scalp can help you in your scalp odor treatment. Aloe Vera can also soothe your scalp.

    The best way to cure your scalp odor is to be clean. One must bathe at least once a day. If you are already having scalp odor and if you sweat a lot, taking bathe twice a day can also help you in your scalp odor treatment. You must choose your shampoo wisely because many of these well marketed shampoos contain harmful chemicals which actually spoils our scalp skin than helping you dandruff or any other scalp or hair related treatments.

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  • What is an Electronic Cigarette?

    With the invention of the electronic cigarette, thousands and thousands of people are finding out that they have the ability to reduce and in many cases quit smoking completely. This invention is probably one of the greatest inventions of this millennium. Cigarettes are the cause of hundreds of thousands of people’s deaths. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people that have acquired some type of cancer that is related to smoking cigarettes. This is more reason for people to give the electronic cigarettes a consideration to their health.

    You can buy cheap electronic cigs and these are
    a type of device that is battery powered and in some cases can be charged. These devices provide a dose of nicotine when inhaled. In addition, these products look and feel similar to real cigarettes. Also, with the emissions of nicotine and there is also a vapor that is released that is supposed to be similar to the physical sensation of inhaling smoke. Many electronic cigarette manufacturers create designs that are similar to that of cigarettes, pipes, and or cigars.

    A very common style is the”pen style”that looks similar to a ballpoint pen. There are also electronic cigarettes on the market that are disposable. Hon Lik , a Chinese doctor, invented the electronic cigarette in 2003. In 2000 the product was released to the public. He worked for a company in China, The Golden Dragon Holdings, when he invented this product. Because of his great success with electronic cigarettes he even changed his name to Ruyan which means to resemble smoking. Some of the components that make up the electronic cigarette are the LED light cover which gives the appearance of an actual burning cigarette. There is the battery which is inside. Most designs contained an atomizer, which is a heating element that produces the vapor.

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  • If you are having frequent constipation and diarrhea, then you must go for a colon cleanse because these two things are the basic signs of your colon is not being healthy. Diarrhea is the outcome of your high toxin level in your colon. If you have constipation mixed with diarrhea, then there is no option left to you other than colon cleanse.

    There are many colon cleanse methods are available and many of them are very easy and simple methods. Also, studies proved that colon cleansing helps you reduce weight.

    Before you choose any colon cleanse method, browse the Internet and read colon cleanse reviews and choose the best one wisely. Make sure that the ingredients used in the colon cleanse product are pure, hygenic and they will not give you any side effects.

    Poor diet and eating junk foods are the main cause of colon related problems. The best way to avoid constipation, diarrhea and colon related problems is to have a healthy eating habit and completely avoiding junk food.

    Generally colon cleansing boosts your immune system and improves your body’s obsorption of proper nutrients. There are some natural colon cleansing methods available and they seems to be helping in detoxification of your unhealthy colon.

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  • Human Papillomavrius (HPV) – the virus which causes male warts in human. More than 6 million cases of genital warts are identified annually and around 20 million are carrying HPV. Genital warts is a STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) and mainly transmitted during sex. Male Warts is the most difficult one to cure.

    Plenty of websites on the internet are selling male warts treatment products. You can buy them simply by a click of your mouse. But, the products are not up to the mark and they give you temporary relief to you from male warts. Male warts treatment products should be able to reach to the root of the structure of male warts. But many male wart products fail to do this and the warts structure starts to grow again.

    Wart Dx is one of the male warts treatment methods and it has some proven effect on male warts. Many believes that this formula has the ingredients to reach the root of warts and cure them completely. Since the root of male warts attacked and cured, there is no worry of warts growing again.

    Since the virus is highly contagious, one must take extra care to choose the treatment method. You can select best male warts treatment links from this warts links. There are many treatment methods available there. You can choose the best one and get benefited for your male warts problem.

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